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Climate Clever

Why Active Travel Matters

Tell the Truth

We’re in a climate emergency.  Unless we urgently stop burning fossil fuels we will make this planet – our home – uninhabitable.  There is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than there ever has been.  CO2 warms the planet  & this has been known about for decades.

Fossil fuel emissions make London’s air quality illegally toxic.  It’s been toxic for years.   Poor air kills around 5000 Londoners a year  – and millions globally.  It makes our children asthmatic.  It promotes heart disease, type-2 diabetes, obesity, strokes, lung disease, COPD and depression.  Climate catastrophe is a major injustice and urgent action at all levels is needed now.  

Act Now

But there is hope – if we act NOW!   We can avert disaster if we rapidly stop burning fossil fuels.   How we do it is in each of our hands.  No action is too small – everything counts!

One key answer is on our roads.  Ditching the car in favour of active travel or public transport, immediately makes London a cleaner, greener city.  Why not calculate your savings here?

Be the Change

Think back to the depths of the pandemic in the Spring and Summer of 2020.  London’s air was filled with birdsong.  We’re not suggesting being locked up in your homes again, but listen to London now.  How much birdsong can you hear over the din of the traffic?

Now think about what active travel might sound like: children and young people laughing, folk chatting, neighbours greeting one another, local shopkeepers and street sweepers saying hi.  Recognising one another, looking out for one another.  Becoming part of fairer, more transparent communities.  We’re not greenwashing you. We can do this.  Will you join us?

An essential service that truly makes a difference! We had amazing instructors who are very knowledgeable and made the experience fun for the kids, who have now gained a lifelong skill.