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Cycle Training

Climate and cost of living crisis getting you down?

  • Hating the heatwaves?

  • Filthy air freaking you out?

  • Petrol too pricey?

  • Trapped on public transport?

  • Can’t cycle?

  • Roads too scary?

  • Don’t own a bike?

  • Is your bike broken?

There IS a way forward!

Learn to cycle with us for free or come for easy, family-friendly rides safely on road - and you can use our bikes!

We’ll take you through all levels, from complete beginners to teaching you how to ride on your local quiet routes… and for when you’re more confident, come and explore London more widely on our longer social rides

And if your bike’s broken but you’d love to ride it, bring it to Dr Bike at our Open Bike Workshops who can fix punctures, brakes, and gears for free… or even better, sign up for our Learn to Fix Your Bike sessions and learn some amazing life skills.

It's all free - we're just missing you!

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